HillClimb Monsters

BMW 2002 w/ Formula 2 Engine || 10.800RPM Berg-Cup Monster

Powered by the mythic BMW M12/7 engine unit in its 2.0L Naturally Aspirated Formula 2 spec with over 305Hp/10.800Rpm and with pretty much every body panel built in Carbon Fibre to achieve a final weight of 835Kg, this is the latest creation of Minichberger Motorsport and the unit that the very owner of the company (Mario Minichberger) is now racing himself. Built to an impossibly high standard and fitted with Top-of-the-line modern technology like a paddle-operated 6-speed sequential Gearbox and KW suspension, this High-Revving Monster is pretty much the pinnacle of Berg-Cup´s 2000cc Class ( the most popular of the Classically known Gruppe H). Powered by this Legendary M12/7 motor (which became famous not only by its Formula 2 version but also its 1.5L Turbo 1000+Hp Formula 1 version), here it can be seen attacking Osnabruck HillClimb in only its 3rd competitive outing since returning to action, but already displaying some impressive pace. A personal favourite of yours truly, this one is as pure of a Monster as they come