Brands Hatch Onboard Indy Circuit POV

Brands Hatch onboard at the Indy Circuit. Brands Hatch is a permanent motor racing circuit in West Kingsdown, Kent, England. It has a 4.221 km (2.623 Miles) long Grand Prix circuit and a 1.974 km (1.226 Miles) short club circuit called Indy Circit. The first ever race was in 1926, when the site was used as a grasstrack motorcycle circuit. In 1949 the track was tarmacked and on April 16, 1950 the venue opened as a professional race track. The first track formed roughly the shape of todays Indy Circuit, but was driven in the other direction. In 1954 the track was extended with the Druids Hairpin, and the driving direction changed from anticlockwise to clockwise. In 1960 the track was extended with the loop we know today as the Grand Prix Circuit. Brands Hatch hosted 12 times the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, between 1964 and 1986. In the summer of 2018 I visited Brands Hatch as part of my Circuit Tour through England, UK. They allowed me to do a flying lap on the Indy Circuit at low speed. The most famous corner of Brands Hatch is the Paddock Hill Bend. And I can tell you that it is a great corner. Even at low speed you could feel the compression from the elevations! Thanks for watching this video. Don't miss our new videos and subscribe to my channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/Circuitsofthepast?sub_confirmation=1 Thanks for the subscribe :)