Top 7 Abandoned Race Tracks you can visit Legally

Top 7 Abandoned Race Tracks you can visit Legally In this video I show you 7 abandoned race tracks you can visit legally. We start at the old Opel Test Track (Opel-Rennbahn) near Rüsselsheim in Germany. An unknown abandoned circuit in Germany is the Motodrom Gelsenkirchen, also known as Almaring. The most controversial reconstruction of a race circuit is the demolishing of old Hockenheim. I show you what's left of the fast section through the woods. Our forth stop is on the forgotten art of the old Nürburgring, well known for its iconic Nordschleife (North Loop). But did you know there was also a Südschleife (South Loop)? We move to France and visit one of the most famous circuit ruins in the world. The old Reims-Gueux circuit. Here we fly with a drone over the old buildings. One of the most iconic race tracks is Autodrome Nazionale di Monza, home of the Italian Grand Prix since 1922. Most famous for it's old high banked oval. It's no longer in use, but it's still there and can be visited! I also show you the abandoned Pirelli Circuit on the infield of Monza. We end with a visit to the mother of all circuits, Brooklands. Brooklands was the first purpose built race circuit in the world. Unfortunately, parts of the famous high banked section are demolished. The remains of this historic race track are now a monument. I show you the parts you can enter legally, or can be seen from the public road. If you want more information about these great race circuits of the past, I reccomend you to download my free ebook. I give more information about the history of the circuits in this video. And I also tell you how to get there. Download it here: Index: Opel-Rennbahn 0:00 Motodrom Gelsenkirchen 2:00 Old Hockenheimring 4:02 Nürburgring Südschleife 6:04 Circuit Reims-Gueux 8:06 Old Monza 10:08 Brooklands 12:10 Thanks for watching this video. Don't miss our new videos and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for the subscribe :) The scenes of the climbing of the Monza banking (11:11) and the crash (11:54) are filmed by Yuri Bruschi. Visit also his channel: Visit also my website. English version: Nederlandstalige versie: